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FAQ - FLLA License Related Questions

What is Format and Logo License Agreement?
FLLA is for the actual development or manufacturing of some Blu-ray Disc products or system, and also for doing the actual Blu-ray Disc services such as replication and/or authoring. FLLA also provide you the rights for the Blu-ray Disc Logo usage.

License Terms are longer, and renewable. All FLLAs are five years. Books are automatically delivered in complete set (part1, 2 and 3, except under the Commercial Audiovisual Content Category under ROM FLLAs), not like IA. Only the FLLA Licensees are qualified to receive the ID and Password to enter the Licensee Only Page, where you can obtain version-up info and other necessary updated information.

What is the fee for FLLA?
Following Format licenses are $15,000 for one business category and $30,000 for the multiple business categories per each for the 5-year Agreement; R1, R2, R3, RE2, RE3, RE4, and AVCREC.

Following Format licenses are $30,000 for one business category and $60,000 for the multiple business categories per each for the 5-year Agreement;ROM2, ROM3 and ROM4 (excluding the Commercial Audiovisual Content Category).

There is also a Format Maintenance & Development Fee of $50,000 for BD-ROM3.  This fee is a onetime fee and is due at the time of completing your very first 3D BD product Test Verification. You are responsible to pay this fee if your business category is either “BD-ROM Movie Player/BD-ROM Game Console/BD-ROM Test Player” or “BD-ROM PC Application Software”, before you can do any commercial shipment of your 3D products.

Can the FLLA/IA/Logo License/CPA/CPA-Light agreement provisions be negotiated and modified?
No. All agreements are standard agreements and cannot be changed from one licensee to another.

Can FLLA be contracted without having IA?

Yes, you do not have to have IA for contracting FLLA. If you already have specific plan to develop, manufacture, or sell BD products, please proceed to take FLLA directly.

Can FLLA be contracted without having a Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) membership?
Yes, you can precede with your contract without being a member of BDA. In case you like to have a membership of BDA, please get in contact with

I am a BD-ROM2 licensee. When I received BD-ROM2 agreement, there is a CPA agreement attached. Do I need to sign the CPA agreement, too?
The CPA is attached as a Schedule D and for reference only and is a part of BD-ROM2 FLLA. It is attached to explain the Third Party Beneficially right provided to the CPA licensees. Therefore, you do not need to sign the CPA agreement and send it back to us. Please keep it as your record, and file it together with the BD-ROM2 Agreement, once you receive the countersigned copy.

Is ROM3 the updated version of ROM2 Format? Can I just purchase the ROM3(3D) spec book since I already have the BD-ROM2 FLLA?
No. ROM2 and ROM3 are completely different Format and you must obtain either BD-ROM3 FLLA or IA to receive the ROM3 BD spec book.

I am a BD-ROM2 licensee. Do I receive a discount on ROM3 FLLA license fee?
No. Since ROM2 and ROM3 FLLA Licenses are completely different Format licenses, there is no discount on the license fee. However, for those of you who purchased ROM3 Part3 under IA will receive $1,000 discount towards your ROM3 FLLA license.

If I am already a ROM2 FLLA Licensee, can I just purchase the BD-ROM4 spec book to make Ultra HD product?

No. ROM2 and ROM4 are completely different formats and you must execute either a ROM4 FLLA or an Information Agreement to receive the ROM4 spec book. In any event, Ultra HD product may only be manufactured under a ROM4 FLLA.

How do I register an affiliated entity if a parent company has already become an FLLA licensee?
Please ask your parent company to request a “Side Letter to Register a Subsidiary” to BDA License Office and once the Side Letter is completed and signed, a subsidiary is registered as an affiliated entity. A Side Letter” can be down loaded at

Are the references and contents of FLLA available on this web site?

How soon can specification books be delivered?
First, please confirm the FLLA License Agreement Procedure of completing agreements.
After confirming the remittance of the agreement fee, it will be approximately two to three weeks for the books to reach a licensee.

Where can I contact regarding AACS, BD+ and ROM Mark?
You can obtain further information from respective web sites/e-mail addresses;

Adopter Agreement with AACS LA:
Adopter Agreement with BD+ Entity:
Interim Agreement for ROM Mark: Licensors are SONY, Philips and Panasonic


Where can I find further information regarding various technical standards referred in the specification books?
You can obtain further information from respective web sites/e-mail addresses;

1. Dolby

2. DTS

3. DVB

4. SUN

5. MPEG2

6. VC1